United We Dream

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United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country. They are over 700,000 fierce young people fighting for the rights and dignity of immigrants.

Web Design & Development

We worked with UWD to completely redesign and revamp the organization’s main website. The initial site was outdated, hard to navigate, and simply did not reflect the organization’s brand or voice.

We worked with key stakeholders to brainstorm and design an easy to use information architecture and a more intuitive user experience. All this while ensuring that the design reflected the voice of the organization and it’s 700,000+ members.

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As it’s membership moved towards a new vision, United We Dream wanted to update their brand to match it. The main goal was to move away from the narrative that it’s members were strictly young immigrants that were in school or college-educated. Instead they wanted to craft a logo and identity that will celebrate their diversity and show the passion and energy of their members, all the while focusing on their vision in the fight for the rights and dignity of immigrants.

Social Media Marketing

With a reach of over 4 million on social media, United We Dream is known for it’s innovative and engaging digital content. We were glad to design many content pieces that would be used online to engage it’s members and empower them to take action.